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Have you always wondered whether your CV/Resume is good enough? Is your CV ATS friendly? Most employers and recruiters use Application tracking systems (ATS) to handle their recruitment process. Whenever you apply for jobs and attach your CV These Application tracking systems will parse your CV to retrieve all your details.

Not all CVs are ATS friendly, meaning, when the ATS parse some CVs they won’t retrieve all the details. What happens when your CV is not ATS friendly? The ATS filtering system might  sieve out your CV and the employer/recruiter will never get to see it. So, you lose out on a potential job not because you are not qualified but because your CV was not properly structured.

What if I tell you we can check your CV in less than 2 minutes and find out if it is good or if it is ATS friendly?.

Our powerful CV/Resume review/evaluation tool will go through your CV and find out what is wrong with it within 2 minutes.

* Expert Analysis – Analyse how good or bad your CV is based on 12 professional points

* Track Areas of Improvement – Get instant feedback on things you should do to improve your CV drastically

* Grammar/Spell Check – Our CV reviewer scans your CV for grammar and spelling errors you should correct.

* Visual and Easy – Get the results of your CV evaluation in a beautiful easy to read format so you see what needs to be improved

It is Affordable!

To hire a professional to review /evaluate your CV will cost you about $20, depending on your experience level. Infact, some will even charge you a whole lot more than than. However, we won’t charge you that amount, you might be think $10, but no! we won’t even charge you that!

Why is so cheap?

We understand that many people that use our tool don’t have any job yet, so, we don’t want you to pay so much while still looking for job. Why not give it away for free? We even want to give it away for FREE but it costs quite some money to keep the service running. So we charge a stipend for you to review your CV and improve your chances of getting a good paying job.

We decided to charge only $4 to use this powerful tool. But, we have a sweater deal for you.
For a limited time only, we are offering this tool for just $1.5

Review and. Improve your CV for only $20  $10 $4 $1.5 for a limited time only. 

Offer expires in


This offer is for a limited time only. The price will go back to $4 after the time above. 

What Our Users are Saying

The review is pretty fast. I simply uploaded my current CV and it took less than 2 minutes to give me this fantastic appraisal of my CV. Now I know what to improve on


Nyakno Blessing

HR Associate

I am impressed with the review and appraisal I got for my CV. It analysed my work history gaps, grammar, spell check etc and gave me an idea of where I can improve on my CV. This is good!


Patrick Ibe

Project Assistant

Give us 2 minutes to Review your CV

Thousands of graduates, mid-level and senior-level professionals use our CV review tool to analyse their CVs.
Find out what needs to be improved & enhance your CV.

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